When it comes to the business of marijuana, the Law Office of Roxane Peyser, LLC offers leading-edge experience and quality.

Peyser Law is about the business of cannabis.


We've always done business.
And we know the business of all-things-cannabis.
Peyser Law Group represents and advises individuals, entrepreneurs, businesses and corporations in a wide range of business and legal matters related to the cannabis industry.
With more than three decades combined in the fields of business and cannabis law, Peyser Law Group has a reputation for excellence that has been demonstrated through a long track record of proven successful outcomes for companies in all stages of development, from startups to compliance-focused corporations.
Working with clients globally and across the U.S., Peyser Law Group clients value the firm's fresh approach and depth of experience in shaping sound business strategies. Whether it's helping to set up a new company or ensure compliance for an established business, nothing gives our business attorneys greater satisfaction than helping companies achieve success in the emerging cannabis industry.